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address on saturday. here's what he said in south america last week about why we're there. >> our military action is in support of an international mandate from the security council that specifically focuses on the humanitarian threat posed by colonel gadhafi to his people. now, i also have stated that it is u.s. policy that gadhafi needs to go. and we've got a wide range of tools in addition to our military efforts to support that policy. >> what does he need to say tonight? >> he hasn't addressed the american people and done it in a sort of logical way to explain why the it's in the u.s. interest, and particularly with secretary gates saying it's not a vital interest of the united states. how does this differ? i don't think he's going to address this tonight. i think he wants to be deliberately ambiguous about this. but why is this in the united states interest to protect civilians, the humanitarian mission and not what's happening in syria, to protesters. why it's not in our interest to protect the protesters in yemen or in bahrain. so that case has not been made. and i don't think he's
to atrocities in other countries. the united states of america is different. and as president, i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. >> susan page, on this question there seemed to be a little bit of conflict in the speech. on one hand the president said libya was a special case. on the other hand he made this a little broader statement which gave you a hint at what the obama doctrine was in a case like this. >> well, the obama doctrine seems to be if there's a big humanitarian crisis looming, and we can act to help, we will, except if we don't have international support. or except if -- i mean it's not exactly a clear, bright, primary color kind of doctrine, it's something that mitt romney criticized as knew wanted. nuanced. supporters would say nuance is a good thing in a complicated world. but i think you could read that entire speech and not be clear on exactly the circumstances which would command u.s. military response and those that would not. i think that's a fair criticism of the speech. >> yeah, chuck. i think, you know what, it wasn't so m
of the strongest anywhere on record ever. we've got the latest from japan and from experts here in america. the u.s. is offering to help with rescue and air lift operations. the quake led to tsunami warnings in hawaii, alaska and the west coast of the u.s., but there was no real damage. plus -- so that's what it was. here's what a wisconsin senate majority leader told fox news about the battle against unions out there. quote, if we win this battle and the money is not there under the auspices of the unions certainly what you're going to find is president obama is going to have a much more different time getting elected and winning the state of wisconsin. there you have it in black and white. look for democrats to use wisconsin as a rallying cry in 2012. also, gas lines from republicans. first haley barbour suggested president obama engineered price increases in order to get americans to drive smaller cars and take trains. then john boehner blamed with the president saying, he's blocking energy production. apparently mr. boehner never heard of libya. what's behind the latest nonsense. remember, ev
. this is just a way of saying obama is really a terrorist. not from america, of course. is this what it takes to be a leader in the republican party? appeal to the haters who cannot accept the legitimacy of this president? on a parallel note, one of our pollsters tells us yesterday, it may be hard to understand why someone would jump off a cliff unless you understand they're being chased by a tiger. and that tiger is the tea party. in other words the gop is jumping off the political cliff right now and the tea party is that tiger chasing behind it. the latest example, a tea party leader calling for john boehner's defeat because he won't support the tea party's also after newt resigned after leading his party to a disaster after being reprimanded himself after being nominated on the family values republican party ticket? we'll find out. newt gingrich all but made it official today. on the subject of sex scandals, more evidence is surfacing that it could lead to an indictment for john edwards, misusing campaign funds or, in fact, using funds as -- that should have been a campaign contribution.
too contradictory characterizations of what america's interest is in libya. what did you hear from that exchange between secretaries gates and clinton? >> well, gates is clearly a realist. he's always been. this is not new. that's how he's been able to serve two presidents well, both bush and obama. but the notion of what is vital interest is something that one can debate. if you had asked me -- and i come out of a realist background myself. if you had asked me six months ago, do we have an interest to intervene in libya, i would have said, probably not, i would have to scratch my head to see whether we did or not. but things have changed dramatically over the past few weeks. libya is not just about libya. we see all these revolutions are connected. we see that public empowerment in the region is connected. we see that the message that is sent in libya is heard in damascus and in yemen. there is a very important american interest in the revolutions and particularly in seeing the peaceful revolutions that are seeking primarily freedom and dignity succeed because that is the best ant
in time and scope. our mission has been to use america's unique capabilities to create the conditions for the no-fly zone and to assist in meeting urgent humanitarian needs. and as expected, we're already seeing a significant reduction in the number of u.s. planes involved in operations, as the number of planes from other countries increasen numbers. today, we are taking the next step. we have agreed along with our nato allies to transition command and control for the no-fly zone over libya to nato. all have authorized military authorities to develop an operions plan for nato to take onhe bad cvian protection mission under resolution 1973. nato is well suited to coordinating this international effort, and ensuring that all participating nations are working effectively together toward our shared goals. this coalition includes countries beyond nato, including arab partner, and we expect all of them to be providing important political guidance going forward. we have always said that arab leadership and participation is crucial. the arab league showed that leadership with its pivotal stat
america. he's not any different than you and i. so he's just pandering to fox. >> it's also far right. here he is huckabee saturday night more on fox. let's listen. >> i'll be back on the road this week, signing copies of "a simple government" and probably stirring up even more trouble. also at, you'll find links to get a copy of book. you can get it at amazon, retailers and the link at to get an autographed copy. >> he's very cuddly about himself, the way he describe himself as some trubadouor of gaffes as if he isn't out there playing to the haters. there is no doubt in my mind i've watched this guy, his comments about the palestinians. his idea of just playing to the cultural right is absolutely -- i have a theory here. whether he runs or not, he want to the own the hard right. he wants no one to his right. your thinking, eric? >> i think that's probably true. george will had this great phrase, vibrations of weirdness. and i think that summed up mike huckabee last week. in a way, i think mike huckabee did us a favor. he held up a mirror to the righ
the poor people in chicago, he goes into public life. he loves america, believes in democracy, what government can do for people. he's done every single thing. he's kept his nose clean, and yet they trounce him. they go after him with a vengeance because he looks different. he has a different name. isn't that an ethnic attack? isn't that what it's really about, david? >> theres no other presidential candidate who's ever gotten this type of illegitimate scrutiny. >> scrutiny? false witness. >> insulting. i mean, there were critics of george bush and dick cheney who came up with all sorts of conspiracy theories. presidents come under harsh attacks, but none that they're somebody really different who they are, that they're manchurian candidates, the color of their skin is dictating their beliefs. that they're genetically predisposed to hate the west. that's the argument here. >> okay. we've got to stop. you know why? we all grew up in a school yard that made fun of kids who were different. we always put up with them. some grew up and got better when we got older. now we have a guy talk
but doesn't create any value. >> ironically it turns out the best investment in america is politicians. you buy the politicians, you fix the game, not just against the taxpayers, but against your own shareholders, and they say, they ta all the money. we have to fix it. >> you and i together, along with the rest of the folks out there, the separation of state and business. >> absolutely. >> as dangerous as church and state. >>> the african scheme, let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, trash talk. we're hearing a lot of trash talks from presidential hopefuls these day, the latest from newt gingrich. he said his work ethic, and catch this, patriotic passion for his country was the real cause of that marital infidelity during the time of the clinton impeachment push. how can they kearse themselves serious contenders when they get caught selling this cockamamie. >>> and he was a supporter of the irish army, a terrorist group, and critics of tomorrow's hearings can't understand how he went from sympathizing with a demon
in japan mean for nuclear energy here in america. later relief effort. overwhelming and i country that hasn't seen this level hardship since world war ii. we begin with alex thompson. he joins us from sendai, japan. alex, tell us what you've seen. it's quite dramatic. >> reporter: i've covered disasters around the world and warriors for 22 years. i've never seen anything quite on the scale of this. let me give you one example of a town that we went to. you walk in and you can't drive. but you walk in to a place which has been complete lly pulverize. you might see one or two buildings made of concrete and with stood the tsunami. and then a mile, mile and a half of debris. personal effects, a child's doll, a wedding photograph, an old guitar and thousands, hundreds of thousands of ton s girders of bricks, of mortar, everything imaginable that you can see from a town that's been put through the most pulverizing machine of the tsunami. you can bring in a certain amount of protection against earthquakes and the japanese do that as good as anybody on the planet. you can't build in protection agai
towns and offense. >> okay. so what is america's military role moving forward? general james joins us live as we continue this special edition of rage and revolution, the mideast in crisis. >>> if president obama consulted kk congress, we could have debated before involving ourselves in yet another middle eastern conflict. while the president is our commander of armed fores, she not a king he may involve the forces in military conflict only when authorized by congress or in response to imminent threat. neither was the case here. >> congress and america was watching tonight and president obama made a humanitarian case for intervening in libya. >> so nine days ago after consulting the bipartisan leadership of congress, i authorize military action to stop the killing and enforce un resolution 1973. >> he spent less time addressing criticism that he didn't sufficiently consult with congress before taking military action. >> his latest decision was taken without adequate consultation or sufficient explanation to the american people. >> democratic congressman released a statement saying he
the question? >> are we at risk in north america from what's happening in japan right now in terms of the dangers of meltdown in those four reactors over there? >> i think that would be highly unlikely. i think that just learning from the chernobyl experience, the wind blew in the direction at the time of the accident next door to it. i think we're separated by an ocean and it would have to be quite minimal if i had to guess. >> what about our food chain? what impact would it have on the food chain? can it contaminate someone else what's going on over there? >> that's the most important question actually. most of the -- one of the most prevalent elements that are produced by reaction is radio iodine. the reason for that is that it is atomic number such that it's half of the atomic number of the uranium, 235, and therefore if products contain a lot of iodine 131. iodine 131 could potentially if it goes into the food chain like what happened in chernobyl could result in far reaching late effects of radiation. for example, in chernobyl, the risk of thyroid cancer increased amongst new
threat that the law is taking over america. these are real conspiracy theorists that are wacky and say sharea is taking over. i don't know what they are talking about sometimes. let's listen. >> i am regularly astonished and outraged, outraged by this administration's continued failure to single out who are enemy is. an issue that is of particular concern to me and my constituents is the threat of sharea law to the united states constitution. do you feel the u.s. government has done an adequate job learning about islam and how islamic doctrines affect muslims residing in america and how does islamic doctrine and the law shade the responsible law enforcement efforts that target islamist jihad? >> there's a reading of nonsense. there's no sharea law in the united states. we have a court system based on modern principles of justice. congress woman, listen to this montage of republican stoking fear about islam in this country. this is the whole radio belt and political belt of craziness trying to scare us. let's listen. >> okay. >> how we don't have some kind of movement in this country on
, we hear so many people talking about american exceptionalism. this is not america at its best. >> all right. listen, a fine rant, michelle. thank you so much. that will do it for us. i am dylan ratigan. "hardball" right here on msnbc with chris matthews starts right now. >>> right-wing pirany test. let's play "hardball." >> good evening. i'm chris matthews. in washington, leading off tonight, republicans' race to the right. for the five potential republican presidential challengers who met last night in iowa, it was a test to see who could go furthest right, who could make the best appeal to the social conservative base of the party. in the first real candidate forum for 2012, believe it or not, instead of talking about the economy, these fellas talked about god, gays and abortion. is this the fight the party really wants to use to beat president obama next year? that's our top story tonight. >>> then we jump into the political battle raging in wisconsin two polls now show the governor out there, walker, his negative poll numbers are spiking upward and voters want a compromise from th
of the audience watching these shows. people in america are hanging on this information. we have never felt this need to know this information before, luckily. we've been very fortunate. thank you. do you think we should have nuclear energy in this country? >> i do. i do. you know, we've had an excellent safety record on the reactors over the last 30 years. they've been reliable, 90% capacity factors. it's a reliable form of fuel, we have energy security, zero carbon effect. >> we'll have you back on to debate this. i think it will become a hot issue politically. >> thank you for having me back. >> thank you, jerry merrifield. >>> coming up, how high is the radiation risk around that nuclear plant, again, and even in tokyo itself, the capital of the country? can we trust -- this is the big one coming up. we have great reporters coming up on this. can we trust the japanese government or any government, but the japanese government? we're going to get to the issues of cultural self-reliance and why the japanese government has been so reticent to ask for international help from the first notion
, if you're concerned about energy in america, log on to a computer and join us for this town hall tonight. i'll beg you. i don't make any more money for doing this, but i do believe we together can solve this. t. boone pickens, james woolsey and the head of the national defense council at the town hall tonight from osu, 8:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 p.m. central, streaming on the huffington post,, put it on your facebook page if you want, and "heart -- "hardball" is up right now. >> a game of washington chicken? let's play hardball. >>> good thursday evening, i'm chuck todd in washington sitting in for chris matthews, who's on assign naement in israel. >>> leading off tonight, the democrats blink. if the budget battle were a game of chicken, the democrats would already be in the ditch. they appear to be to the republicans' initial proposal. still, the democrats somehow managed to make the republicans look like they're the obstructionists today. >>> plus one group making sure the republicans don't blink in this game of chicken, the tea party. they rallied in
. that's it. a lot goes into this at any time, forget when you're about to leave for latin america on a trip that's been long scheduled. i'm sure they did due diligence, but they certainly did some diligence in congress in terms of mccain and kerry. the hard thing is, congress is a tough beast to predict. you were on the trip, i think things got a little bit away from them. and it's very difficult for the president to control message when he's in a foreign country. it's just very -- it's hard -- the perception is hard. it's hard for him to give a big speech about another country when he's in latin america. i think your point about a speech early next week, i've heard the same thing monday and tuesday. the goal being wrap this up. you know, it's the old good morning, good afternoon, good night. the three strikes rule. why we got in, what we did, and why we're out. that's the goal -- >> and it's already worked. >> and the question is, will they be able to say it's already worked? >> today the president briefed the relevant members of congress. the leadership, heads of the key committ
of the country. but look at that big hole. what about the aid coming from america? it's dawn over there. the day after. you have a sense that the americans are coming with aid right now? is that a part of the story? >> fortunately, it's not. not yet. i'm sure they will be needed down the road. right now, i think the japanese self-defense force is demobilized to some of these areas. the first thing that has to be done is have a better assessment of the extent of the damage. that's not even clear yet. communications are down. the japanese military has to fly more choppers to get a bird's eye view of the destruction, find pockets of areas where there might be, where help is needed. >> thank you for this reporting. what a memory you're going to have. thank you. >>> dave speck is an american who happened to be in tokyo. you're on skype. i think i'm hearing myself over there as well. tell me what you went through. >> i was in a car at the time and the car started to shake. rather violently. you're seeing right now what i took with an iphone i had. it seemed maybe it could be the wind, but then it's to
won every battle and he hasn't done that yet. america still doesn't have the authority to attack him. >> let's talk about the constitution. generally defined. here's article 6 of the constitution. the constitution and the laws of the united states which shall be made in pursuance thereof and all treaties made or which shall be made, under the authority of the united states shall be the law of the land. >> you can authorize us part o u.n. operation. >> sure. if the congress authorizes the president. >> that came up for a vote and was rejected 65-9 back in december of 1945 when someone to offer an amendment to join the u.n. under law. they said if we union the u.n. and called into action there has to be a separate congressional vote. that was rejected by the senate. this is the legislative history. your position was rejected overwhelmingly we have to have a separate vote. >> the congress of the united states can authorize everybody to go to war? >> when it's part of a u.n. operation. >> under the law -- look under the u.n. thing we can join countries to go to war. but the president c
america forces into a war. he didn't consult with congress and that's a matter of fact. now what the consequences are politically, you know, we'll see. >> well, welcome back to "hardball." that was ohio congressman dennis cuss enitch. republicans think president hasn't acted quickly or strongly enough. here's south carolina senator lindsey graham on fox news sunday. let's listen. >> i think the president has caveated this way too much. it's almost like it's a nuisance. this is a great opportunity to replace a dictator who is an international crook. we should seize the moment and talk about replace him and not talking about how limited he will be. >> we're joined by two democratic members of congress on different sides of the issue. gentlemen, i like having you both on because i normally agree with boast of you but both of you don't agree right now so i find this a liberal description of what we're facing on a tough issue. briefly state your view. just tell me your basic hunch, your gut feeling about what's going on right now and our actions over there. >> very simply the presiden
doctors detect diseases earlier. to innovations in renewable power that bring america closer to energy independence. to investments that help businesses grow and create jobs. ♪ at ge, we're using imagination at work... ecomagination... healthymagination... and capital... to create advanced technology that's good for the economy... for the environment... for everyone. ♪ >>> i think that you have made it abundantly clear stop spending money you don't have. right? >> welcome back to "hardball." that was congresswoman michele bachmann of minnesota speaking at the tea party's continuing revolution rally today. she and fellow republicans urged their colleagues to hold firm on cutting that $61 billion from the budget that the house republicans passed a month earlier. here's more from the rally. >> i think it's time to get serious, don't you? >> yes! >> and cutting $61 billion in my opinion is a starting point,t is not the goal. >> i stood in front of my colleagues this morning and i said if you oo tfit the $61.5 billion, i'll stand and i'll fight with you. s lal if liberals in the senate
's going to realize it. the people of america are not on his side. >> what would happen if he wins? if he were to win and crush this union's right to collective bargaining on issues like pensions and medical benefits, what happens then? if he wins this fight, what happens to workers, what happens to the party they generally support, the democratic party? >> well, i think we've seen that people all over wisconsin and my cousins included, as well as people in illinois and many midwestern states have come to wisconsin, we're banding together to protect the right to collectively bargain, have a union. we're going to be aggressive and progressive of that fundamental american right. i just think governor walker is just plain wrong. he didn't show up at our governors conference here in washington. i think that he knows even republican governors, many of them know that he's on the wrong track and he's not going to help working people and middle class people retain a good job in america. >> well, here's a voice on the political right. the weekly standard, the political stakes of this union fight o
of dearborn, michigan, home of the largest mosque in america. a good time to have you on, but even though a strange time. i think sometimes our community will always be -- i'm a collins guy, i'm sorry, i was with the treaty, it's the way it is. i grew up that way. i'm a moderate in my soul. people may not believe it. here's congressman king and what he said in a pro i.r.a. rally in 1982. it's a long time ago, but it's i illustrative. we must pledge ourselves to support those brave men and women who this very moment are carrying forth the struggle against british imperialism in the streets of bellfast and derry. if civilians are attacked, it's regrettable, but i will not morally blame the i.r.a. for it. so there he is not passing blame, saying they're just casual what is basically a military campaign. i know all these arts, you know them, neil. it is a war. what did you make of his decision to do something which i find appalling, to cast this giant net -- it is joe mccarthy, like everybody in the state department is corrupt, every intellectual. my mother used to talk like this occasionally
dangerous city in america. well, juarez is of course across the border in mexico, not the u.s. and they quickly corrected him. a lot of corrections for republicans these days. he also has issues with reporter access. a number of journalists noticed they were being blocked from his twitter feed. thep they didn't deny the snub. they say it's the governor's personal account. so he manages it as he sees fit. governor perry apparently wants to keep his tweets to himself. 30,000 online followers. just not the reporters covering him. finally, chris dodd proves there are second acts in american life. the long-time connecticut senator has been named the head of the motion picture association of america, a big job. in case you forgot, senator dodd's no stranger to the big screen. here he was in a cameo in that great movie "dave." >> the president has proposed a comprehensive full employment program unparalleled since the days of fdr. the proposal brought swift reaction here on capitol hill. >> i think president mitchell's on the right track. i think putting people to work in this coun
can't get any traction. you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. we're america's natural gas. and here's what we did today in homes all across america: we created the electricity that powered the alarm clocks and brewed the coffee. we heated the bathwater and gave kelly a cleaner ride to school. cooked the cube steaks and steamed the veggies. entertained dad, and mom, and a neighbor or two. kept watch on the house when they slept. and tomorrow we could do even more. we're cleaner, domestic, abundant and ready now. we're america's natural gas. the smarter power today. learn more at >>> i'm julia boorsen witthe gl winds. dow jones industrial average surging 71 points, stp stp liming 8 and nasdaq climbing 19. >>> investors looking for yield around the world, pumping money back into the markets when they're not finding it. >>> natural gas companies benefited from president obama calling today for less reliance on foreign oil. >>> visa and mastercard gained after the reserve said new rules bond be ready by the deadline. >>> the company is being giving four more weeks to c
and commerce, can that get to america and cause any danger here? >> it's something to watch out for and there are perhaps sensible precautions to be taken, but the thing to emphasize here is away from the plant in japan radiation levels are still relatively low, 10 times above background sounds terrifying, but in absolute terms it's no extra radiation that 1.5 ct scans. >> thank you very much for coming on. >>> the emergency workers that we were talking about. heroic people on the job, racing against the clock to prevent a meltdown, gu if they're forced to leave, nobody stops a meltdown. what are the odds they can get the job done? we're hearing about lethal levels of radiation and perhaps penetrating them. you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices? sadly, no. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get back to these invoices... which i'll do right after making your favorite pancakes. you know what? i'm going
in america. >> you know, howard, language is important. to say that planned parenthood is a source of abortion is pretty strong language. >> yeah. well, that's not the least of the strong language that even newt gingrich himself -- not even, especially newt was using, in terms of socialists, secular, this and that. the trick out of iowa, and more generally, on the republican side, is to somehow combine the moral force of their cultural critique with something in economics. you heard newt attempt to do that where he talked about individual rights and so forth, being god-given. mike huckabee, i talked to one of his top advisers -- said look, the person who's going to win this, this huckabee guy said, is the one who can somehow -- it's an obvious point -- combine the two and make their economic message sound like a moral crusade. that's what they've got to try to do. >> there were so many dog whistles last night, and we know what that term means, some people hear them and some don't. last night in iowa, you heard newt, for example, talking about moving our embassy. this is an old issu
is wrong. ohio, we're going to try to correct it by pushing back with the working folk of america. we can do this. you know what? there is nothing lost until you give up. whereas we've had other stories on of stories on of major magnitude in the last week, in the heartland, i haven't given up. we'll get to your stories. we won't give up on you. for more information on the edshow, go to tomorrow night, friday night, we'll be here. >>> escape from japan. and heading to libya. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. happy st. patrick's day. leading off tonight, high anxiety. there's finally good news out of japan. the international atomic energy agency reports there is now electrical power in place and water is being pumped in lowering the pressure inside those reactors. this news comes after authorities were reduced to dumping water from helicopters and spraying water from fire trucks in a last-ditch effort to cool those spent fuel rods. in a moment, we'll hear from a ann curry on the ground and a commissioner and get a report from the g
pose a security threat. the hearings will do little more than stir up anti-muslim hatred in america. you're watching "hardball" on msnbc. what can you do with plain mashed potatoes? when you pour chunky beef with country vegetable soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™ i have clients say it's really hard to save for the future and they've come to a point where it's overwhelming. oh gee, i'm scared to tell you i've got this amount of credit card debt or i've got a 15-year-old and we never got around to saving for their college. that's when i go to work. we talk, we start planning. we can fix this. when clients walk out of my office they feel confident about their retirement. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach. >> got the new unemployment numbers out today. the news is good for the economy and the obama administration. the unemployment takes down a bit. 8.9%. the lowest it's been for nearly two years. nearly a full point from where it was three months ago. pr
're making now in the short term until we find something better than nuclear? >> america has the ingenuity and innovation and talent to transition to a safe energy future. then the energy -- the safe energy resource are at our fingerprints. we need to tap them. for example, by improving efficiency over the course of the next 20 years or so, we could free up as much electricity as generated in 100 nuclear power plants in this country. and then just look at the vast safe energy resources that exist in this country. we have offshore wind potential off of the coast of virginia. there's enough wind that blows across the great plains to power the entire united states. and the sun is constantly shining on vast portions of arizona and nevada. >> do we have the base load and capacity to do that? can we load up the capacity? can we get the wind and hold, it store it? >> no. >> that's our problem. i understand your advocacy. i fully appreciate it. >> go to ann, look at it objectively. is there any way to see it -- the alternative to the near term to nuclear in this country? >> there's no immediate al
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